Quick Try-On Review: Nordstrom’s Current Offerings

Since I’m currently working a few blocks away from a Nordstrom, I’ve been visiting a lot this summer just to try stuff on. Most of the things I’ve tried on haven’t worked very well (mostly due to Nordtrom stopping at a 30 band), but a few things worked pretty well, and I’ve had a few surprises! I’ve been taking pictures every time I’ve gone, so I’ve decided to do an end-of-SS13 Nordstrom offerings roundup before the new AW13 styles start appearing.

Quick Try-On Review Nordstroms Current Offerings

I tried a 30F Freya Patsy longline in Coral:

It looks really cute and gives a pretty great shape, but the fit was a bit strange on me. If you read my blog regularly, you know that in Freya bras I usually need a 28 band, so this is probably a lot of the problem.

However, in my opinion, this seemed loose even for a 30 band. The band felt like it would slide around all day. Not only that, but the wires were quite wide, and the cups were a bit wide set.

Now, I have shallow breasts myself, but I think that I personally need more lower volume than this bra provides, and a narrower wire. I have tall-shallow breasts, and I think this bra is meant more for wide-shallow breasts.

You can see this when I point out all the empty space in the bottom and sides of the cup:

I was a bit surprised by this fit at first, because I’ve owned 4 other Freya longlines (Ivy, Piper, Carys, and Nieve), and they’ve worked quite well on me shape-wise.

However, I have tried a Patsy halfcup before, and that had these same shape issues, so I suppose it should be no surprise that the longline version acts the same.

I also tried a 34DD Mimi Holliday Whizz Pop Comfort bra:

Now, I know that I am silly for even trying on a 34DD, but Nordstrom doesn’t carry Mimi Holliday above a DD cup or below a 32 band (Why Nordstrom, why?? Mimi Holliday is manufactured 28-38 A-G!), and I really wanted to try it on.

I had some extra birthday money and was thinking about buying a comfort bra (in 30F/28FF or 28G), but I wasn’t sure if the shape would work on me.

I was actually quite impressed with the shape—even though the band was huge on me (it slid when I moved my arms), the bra was still quite comfy and supportive.

I think that the stretchy cup fabric helped it work well for my shape, but I have no idea how they managed to keep it supportive. I think that those with bigger and/or softer breasts might find that this bra isn’t supportive enough for daily wear, but I think that is why I’m at the top of the size range. 🙂

To be clear, I would never consider buying this size, but I’m glad that I was still able to make an educated guess at which size and style to order.

This 30F Fantasie Jana was interesting:

Usually, when I go into Nordstrom, I tell the employee who is helping me that I only want to try on colorful bras, in fact I often explicitly say that I’m not interested in “nude” bras.

And every single time, without fail, they bring me at least 3 beige bras. Usually, I just leave them on their hangers, but this one caught my attention because at first glance, I thought it was a balconette version of the Cleo Jude.

And when I tried it on, it fit exactly like a balconette version of the Cleo Jude. Super tight on top, a point at the apex, yet shallow on bottom, but with a higher gore and a fuller band.

It didn’t seem like it was as difficult to fit, though. Obviously, it didn’t work on me at all (the Jude is a terrible fit on me, so this is no surprise), but I tried it on mostly for kicks and giggles.

If anyone is a fan of the Cleo Jude/Neve but wishes they had a balconette version, here you go.

I found this 30FF Cleo Lucy in Navy/Pink at the nearby Nordstrom Rack, and I was surprised by the shape update:

I love to buy Cleo Lucy bras and their printed cousins (Francis, Bonnie, etc) because of the cute colors and prints, but I always have to alter them.

The gore is too wide, and the cups are too closed on top, but when I take in the gore, they are actually quite comfortable and only give me a little bit of quad Boob.

But this newer Lucy style fit pretty well even without the alteration. The cups are much more open on top, are a little bit taller, and the gore isn’t so ridiculously wide.

There is also some more room at the apex, as shown on me with wrinkling cups, so the cups seem to be a bit deeper now. I have a feeling that if I altered this one, I would get even less quad Boob than usual.

But alas, I hate this colorway, and I wasn’t particularly fond of the SS13 purple colorway. Maybe I’ll snatch up one of the AW13 colors.

…And *drumroll* the surprise of the day, a Chantelle C Chic in 65DDDD/G (in UK sizing, that’s 30F):

Now, I have to mention that I’ve had a silly grudge against Chantelle for a long time because of my 32D-wearing-teenager days when I would be pushed into buying bras that were too mature for my age.

I wanted a colorful, starry-print bra, damnit, and the most colorful 32D Nordstrom seemed to have been an ugly Chantelle bra in a dingy pink color! But this bra has changed my mind completely.

It’s still a bit sophisticated for a teenager, but it’s colorful, has a cute pattern on its not-quite-opaque-not-not-quite-sheer fabric, has a cute emblem on the gore, but most importantly it’s the perfect cup shape for my tall-shallow boobs and it’s a plunge. How awesome is this bra!

Unfortunately, the smallest band size Chantelle makes is 65/30, their bands run a bit loose, so this size doesn’t quite work on me. The band doesn’t feel secure, and the cups wrinkle slightly, but the next cup size down is too small.

I have a feeling that a 60H would work great on me, but they don’t make this size. I might buy it and alter the band just because of the perfect shape/construction, but $70 RRP is a lot to spend for a bra I’ll have to alter.

In Conclusion:

I tried on a few other bras that weren’t worth mentioning because the fit was so off or I didn’t get a picture: a 32DDD/F Chantelle half cup that nearly fell off me, a 34DD Mimi Holliday padded super plunge with a lot of *ahem* “restraint” issues, a 30FF Cleo Marcie that I didn’t get a picture of because it didn’t fit.

But overall, it’s been awesome to be able to walk over to a local store and try on bras that I like. If only I had the luxury to do this with a store that carries 28 bands (in lots of styles) near my usual house! 🙂

As much as I whine about Nordstrom sometimes, I really do appreciate that they carry full-bust sizes that I can try on in lots of locations. I think I will always wish that they didn’t do silly things like stocking D-J Cleo bras in D-GG cups, though. (Why??)

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