Nipple Nightmares!

Today is a taboo topic: nipples! I may have lost some of you already. But in my line of work, I see them everyday. What really astounds me, is when women come in for a fitting, and are nervous about undressing for a stranger (a stranger who is a professional and quite good at what she does, I might add), and will go as far as to remove their top and bra, but will leave their nipples covered by their hands. My goodness- we’ve gotten this far! But here in the United States, it seems that you can see almost all of someone’s breast, and it’s ok.

But, heaven forbid that the blouse, or tiny bikini top, slips just a bit lower and her nipple is visible- well then, forget it! She’s naked!

If you want to keep your headlights hidden, keep reading!

The first step: nipple assessment:

Maybe you have “innies”.  Maybe you live in Europe. Maybe you think that this information is useless. But, depending on your wardrobe, work environment, and breast size, you may want to read on. Surprisingly, nipple coverage solutions range from the very basic, and branch out into  new innovations.

The most common way to hide nipples is to wear clothing that doesn’t accentuate their shape. This includes blouses with print, pattern, color and texture. This common solution is the same answer I give to many women who want to hide seams or lace detail! But, let’s say you have to wear a white tee, or your nipples are intent on showing through your printed tops. Never fear- there are several other solutions.

Nipples in the workplace:

In almost every work environment, apparent nipples are a no-no. Most women simply don’t want their nipples to be the focus of their co-workers. Often, women already have to fight the “excuse me, Sir, my eyes are up here” fight. Add in a visible nipple outline, and you have set yourself up for defeat.

Additionally, women who are teachers, or work with children, often ask for help with nipple coverage. Children can be easily distracted by such a taboo display. What’s a girl to do? Women who work in an environment with a lot of men or young children, for whom breasts are a foreign and interesting distraction, may need a tool to keep nipples hidden.

Hiding your headlights:

Some bras have a thicker molding, and may alleviate this issue. However, many of the most popular molded bra styles today are made of softer materials.

These materials mold to your body, creating a smooth and comfortable feel. Unfortunately, with the softer material, comes less nipple protection. There’s no need to ditch that fabulous bra! Just choose a simple nipple cover for a discreet solution. No one will ever know!

Nipple Nightmare

One of the most popular products in the store is a small, little package called: Dimr’s. These little, non-adhesive covers are fabulous. I’m telling you.

You have no idea how many women are walking around, wearing these, right now! If you are nervous to try these little silicone covers, don’t be. They are smooth, easy to put in any bra, and really work! (They are even available in two different shades of nude, which is important if you plan on wearing white tops.) Think of them as an extra layer of self-defense.

There are also various sticky versions of nipple covers, which are great for some tops. If you plan to use them for everyday use, the non-stick Dimr’s do the trick.

Nursing and Nipples:

Nursing women often suffer from sore and inflated nipples. Women who have never had to think about their nipples showing through shirts are suddenly hyper aware of the new additions to their chest. If she is still nursing, and tends to leak, I suggest using Breast Pads.

They are much thicker than most of the nipple coverage options, but also contain an absorbent material to avoid a mess. Post nursing, nipples may still be more prominent than normal.

Easy fix! Just use a nipple cover! Remember, ladies, your breasts have changed in more than one way during and after pregnancy. Using something like Dimr’s is a small sacrifice for making a human being. I say, it’s worth it!

When you want nipples to show:

Hey, I’m not making a judgement on nipples. They are part of who we are! But, it’s still important to address this sensitive topic and explore how most of our country views it.

If you have the guts to show a little bit of extra shape, why not? Choose a sheer bra like the Simone Perele Velia bra. It has a beautiful, smooth shape, with no molding. A bra like this is a simple and alluring option. Just a tip: good taste is always in style. Sloppy is not.Nipple Bra

Additionally, some surgical patients have lost the look of nipples. Mastectomy patients can use a prosthesis with a subtle nipple shape to regain a sense of their womanhood. It may not sound like it would really matter, but for some women, breasts are part of what help them feel like a real woman.

And, the nipple is an important part of the breast. While I may not suggest the unfashionble nipple enhancing bra to the right, I can certainly understand the appeal of using something to create a shape that you no longer have. Whatever makes you feel your very best!

Whichever camp you’re in- to bare or barely there- you have many options. Choose the option that best fits your own personal taste.

Stay Gorgeous!

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