Top 5 Bra Mistakes You Might Not Know (and how to fix them)

Can you imagine that 80% of women fail in choosing the right bra and makes below mentioned Bra Mistakes ?
From buying a bra to matching it with your outfit – this seems a very big problem for most of women. Admit it, it’s almost impossible to find the one that fits, supports and perfectly separates.
If your bra fits incorrectly, it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. Wearing the wrong size bra will limit what you can wear while a good fitting bra will make your outfit look better.

These essential tips will help you make your bra shopping easier. Also, learn here how to take care of this important piece in your wardrobe.

5 bra mistakes you might be making and not even know it

1. Check the band.

Bra Mistakes

 This picture will help you to understand if everything is OK with your bra. The band should not ride up your back. It shouldn’t be higher than the underwire and lay horizontal across your back. If it is, try a smaller bra size.
The band should be snug around your rib cage but not too tight. You must realize that it can stretch a bit later, about three inches in its lifetime. So buying a bra with a bigger band size makes no sense.

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Bra Mistakes 2: The bra bulge may happen, no matter what you weigh.

 It often happens on the back or under the arms and it most likely because you’re wearing too tight bra. But switching bra sizes doesn’t always work. What else you can do to avoid that back-fat bulge? Try a wider back and under the arms band, power-net wings and firmer fabric. It will help you distribute your bra’s weight and pull and prevent those “back boobs”.

Bra Mistakes 3: Check the cup size. 

Be sure that an underwire is not poking into your breasts and a bra center doesn’t sit away from the chest. Check if your breasts don’t spill out from the top or side of your bra. If this all happens – you’re definitely wearing the wrong bra cup size. Size it up.
Wearing a bra that is too big is also a problem. Check if the cups don’t pucker. They should fit smoothly without creating an extra space between your breasts and the fabric.

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4. Remember: you shouldn’t see the outline of your bra through your clothing. 

This may look unattractive or even embarrassing. You bra can be too big or the other reason is that you didn’t match it with your outfit. If you’re sure about sizing, try a seamless, non-embroidered bra. It won’t show through and you’ll feel more confident about your look.

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5. Don’t forget about matching the correct bra with your outfit!

 Always make sure it works with a certain neckline. If you decided to wear a backless evening gown, you don’t need to show unsightly bra straps to everyone. Fortunately, nowadays there are bra types that suit plunging necklines or a backless dresses. So you don’t have to go out braless. Use a strapless or silicone adhesive bra beneath a strapless or spaghetti string dresses. For tight fitting tops use a good lifting push up bra. Or buy a convertible bra with adjustable straps. You can wear it with a variety of outfits!

6. Don’t be afraid to use bra not only like lingerie, but also like a part of your outfit. 

You should be careful here in order not to make your look too sexy or even vulgar. But if you make everything right your look will be seductive and unforgettable.

Remember you shouldn’t save money on a bra. It is an important part of your daily life.
It’s OK to spend much time on finding the most comfortable, good looking and high quality bra. This will help you avoid Bra Mistakes and future regrets!

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