“Bra Tacks”: What “tacking” means and why it’s so important!

A good bra is a bra tacks that fits properly. Otherwise, why bother? Bras that do not fit well or are the wrong size for your body are uncomfortable, unflattering and make you unhappy.

On the other hand, a bra that fits properly can help you feel thinner, more confident, and more comfortable. One of the most important signs of a properly fitting bra: Bra tacks.

Say what? You heard me. Your bra should “tack” against your body – specifically in the front between your breast tissue, against your ribs. Not sure if yours is properly tacking or why it should in the first place? Read on!

Bra Tacks

What does it mean when your bra tacks?

“Tacking” refers to the underwire and front portion of your bra resting firmly against the front of your body and in between your breasts. (See the photo for reference.)

And “firmly” against your body does not mean “resting on there” or “sorta hanging out around that general area”. Firm means your bra has to be snug so that it can actually hug you and stay against your body instead of floating around and (inevitably) down.

Why should my bra tack?

If your bra properly tacks in place, that means it fits! And a bra that fits is a bra that feels and looks fabulous! Tacking allows your bra to anchor onto something and gives a secure feeling and starts with a snug band.

A loose bra band means sagging breasts in the front and constant riding up in the back.

A snug band means supported breasts and a bra that stays in place! So if you can easily fit a finger (or more?!) between the front of your bra and your body, it is not tacking properly and it is too loose.

Additionally, if your bra band is snug enough, but your cups are too small, your bra can not tack.

Your underwire will rest on top of your breast tissue, floating away from your ribs and sternum. Breast tissue is soft and is not a good anchor for your bra. Be sure to get ALL of your breast tissue inside the wire and cup.

Your wire should rest firmly on your body all the way around, but especially in the front where it will tack. Get them all in there? Hurray! That means your breasts will now look fabulous.

What kind of bras should tack?

All underwire bras in the right size should tack. That’s right. All of them.

Non-underwire bras don’t have the benefit of a an underwire’s firmness and shape to help tack in the middle so they’re off the hook- but the band should still be snug.

You don’t want any “underboob” slipping out of your bras, do you!? Bra styles with wires that are taller or higher in the middle will have more material to tack.

Some styles, by design, tack more than others. But that doesn’t mean that a very low plunge bra with very little material in the front shouldn’t tack.

You heard me before, all underwire bras should tack firmly against your body. However, depending on your breast shape (women with very full breasts at the top), body type (if you have a concave chest), or the design of the bra (all styles are different), some bras will not tack at the top of your cleavage.

Most will, but not all of them. The important part is toward the bottom (like in the photo above).

If your bra is not tacking you may want to try a new size, check some stores for a fitting, or simply replace your dead and stretched out bra.

Time to get tacky (in a good way)!