5 Good Reasons You Called It Quits With Your Ex-Bras

Dear Bra, 

I remember our first date fondly, I thought you were the perfect fit for me. We were young, living in the moment. Your bright neon pink stripes were everything to me. You felt so good, and you were totally in-season. I guess I didn’t realize at the time that love is not enough, and that there’s more to a long term relationship than good looks.

Months later and who knows how many washes went by, and I started noticing things were different. Did you change your style, or did I start caring for details I didn’t notice before? Suddenly you were bigger, I was smaller. You were riding my sides, I wanted release. You were digging into my shoulders, I wanted to be free. Perhaps I was buying the wrong size the whole time? One thing I know for sure is that…It wasn’t me, it was you.

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We asked some of our supporters about why they broke up with their bras and here’s what they had to say:

1. We broke up Because….Of A Style Change

“I’m not sure if [the company I was buying my bras from] changed their sizes slightly over time or my boobs have just changed as I’ve gotten older. Or perhaps I was buying the wrong size the whole time?

I lost confidence in any type of measuring by tape! I am in desperate need of new bras and no clue where I can buy them.”     -Laura C.

Well, it was good while it lasted. You’ve been buying the same style for years and you love it, and then suddenly it’s either discontinued or too different to feel the same. Understandably, you feel let down, hurt, even betrayed.  You are equally if not more upset about the fact that you have to go bra hunting all over again. Do they have dating sites for women and bras?


2. It Just Wasn’t Working Because…Growing Breasts Need More Support

It’s perfectly natural for your breasts to grow and change over time as we lose and (mostly) gain weight.  But when your breasts increase a size or two, you really need more support from your bra, and often times the brand you’ve been using all along just isn’t there for you.

The problem is that when you go up a size you are not only looking for a bigger bra, but also one with more support.  What we’ve seen is that usually bigger bras are, obviously, bigger, but have the same amount of support as the smaller sizes.

3. I Called It Quits When….I Realized I’ve Been Buying The Wrong Size All Along

Even if you’ve been measured several times, sometimes you still don’t have it right. You realize at some point many years down the line that all along you’ve been measured for one size, when you’re really more comfortable in a sister size (one cup larger and one band smaller or vice versa)

“I don’t love any bra I have and probably need – I just listened to the Podcast [with bra fitter Jennifer Lynn] – a smaller size around and a larger cup size.  I have been to those fittings and the fitters don’t seem to know much.”  -Cecilia R.

4. We Were Through When….I Needed A Bigger Size Than The Store Carried

It may be the case that you need a bigger size, and the store you always buy from doesn’t carry it, so you squeeze into a smaller size. Often this is the case with DD or DDD‘s because most stores don’t carry a large variety above these sizes. Even if they do, they don’t have the variety of selection that the smaller sizes have.

“I struggle with bras because I find, as a human woman, I am not exactly the same shape as every other human woman.  I find the descriptions of bra fits to be very limited and I hate extra padding.  I already have a healthy bosom.  I have no need for my boobs to be at my throat.  [I see] underwear as underwear but I still want a little classy with my sexy.”      -Angeline K.

5. It Was Over When…I Realized I Just Had Not Found The Right Match Yet

“I am a plus size woman, size 18W or 20W (Australian sizes) depending on the manufacturer.  Currently, I wear [insert brand here] bras.  They are pretty good bras, but I have not found the ultimate bra yet, and so I keep looking.  I would like a bra that is comfortable, with no underwire, and a bra that has comfortable straps that don’t dig into my shoulders.  I would like a bra whose belly band/chest band does not roll at my midriff.  All this and support too!”

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