3 Tips to Maximize Your Bra’s Lifespan

One of the things I have recently realized is that I am starting to get better longevity out of my bra’s lifespan than I did before.  When I say ‘before’, I mean before I started working for Femiluv.

As I’ve acquired more and more knowledge about bras, I have adhered to the rules in taking care of bras. It has just recently dawned on me that my bras have lasted much, much longer.


Before my start at Femiluv, I was one of the statistics; I was definitely in the 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra.  I also pretty much did EVERYTHING wrong.

But I practiced what I preached and put all of my bra knowledge and research into my own life. So now I want to make sure everyone knows to do these EASY things because the benefits are far greater, and far easier than having to constantly be buying new bras.

So, let’s get into it, shall we? These three simple things will double the lifespan of your bras easily.

Make Sure You are Putting on The Bra Correctly

These sounds silly, right?  It isn’t. I have actually ripped a bra the FIRST time I wore it by putting it on incorrectly.

The incorrect way is when you hook the bra in the front, then slide the band around so that the hook is in the back, then pull the straps up over your shoulders.

I cannot tell you how bad this is for your bra’s band.  This prematurely stretches out the band! You can also rip the stitching in the band like I did.

Once I started putting bras on the right way, I immediately noticed that my bands didn’t look all stretched and “old” so quickly.

The right way to put on a bra is this:

  1. Slip the bra straps over your arms
  2. Lean forward so your breasts fall into the cups
  3. Reach behind you to hook the bra

Rotate Your Bras

Do not wear the same bra every day!  You should have at least 3 everyday bras that you rotate in wear.  I honestly prefer to have 4-5 bras in my everyday rotation.

I was guilty of not doing this and my bras wore out quickly and sometimes wouldn’t even last more than two months. I have seen a noticeable difference in my bras since I have started rotating them better.

The proof is that while I wear the bras less, I wash them just as frequently. So therefore, it isn’t the washing that wore them out- it’s the more frequent wearing!  But the fact that many of my bras still look so new is pretty amazing to me!

Wash Your Bras Properly

Putting a bra in the dryer will guarantee a shortened lifespan of your bra.  You should not use a washer for your bras either, you should always hand wash them.

If you are not going to hand wash your bras, then you should always wash them on delicate cycle and use a lingerie bag to protect them.

But really, hand washing is best for ensuring that maximum lifespan for a bra.

So just to clarify I wrote this post today because I recently noticed that a lot of my bras still look new even though they are getting up there in bra age.

It dawned on me that these were things I started doing once I learned these tips (which are now ways of life for me) and thus made me really happy.

After all, other than the washing part the first two tips don’t take any time or resources but help you save time and money down the road.

Anything that will save money is always appreciated, especially if it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort!  As for hand washing bras, just try it. You get a rhythm down and it won’t take you long at all.  I definitely get mine washed in under 10 minutes.